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A Professional Interview

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Erin Casey, author, ghost writer, publisher, editor, and book coach.

Casey’s career hasn’t always been in the book field. She always liked writing and after having a kid during college at Blinn University in Texas, she took some time off. When she went back to college at San Houston State University she majored in Journalism and Advertising and minored in photography.

Writing has always been an interest.

Her advertising came in handy at Success magazine in her early career when she got the opportunity to work with the, then new, Empowering Women section of Success.

Then, she got to edit a book for a colleague and found her newest passion.

Casey has been on many paths in the communications department but book editing and publishing is her current position.

No week for Casey is ever the same, sometimes she has lots of projects in different stages of the publication process and sometimes she might only have a couple.

Obviously, writing is very important to Casey’s career, otherwise she wouldn’t have it.

Three tips Erin Casey would give to students:

1. Networking- build a platform for yourself, and tell people what you do. she says, it’s as simple as telling your friends and family what you truly do so you can make connections. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

2. Don’t skip out on deadline. Meet them. She spoke about if she had an employee miss a deadline they would no longer be her employee.

3. Also be thourough. No information is bad information when it comes to the communication and public relations fields, it’s what you do with said information that is important.

I interview Erin Casey on Monday June 19th at 4 p.m. and she is a friend of a friend. She really made me think about her fields more than I had before, she also ghost writes books and that was a surprising thing that I didn’t realize happened so much. I think she convinced me even more that I would like this kind of work.