Calling all PR students- it’s time to join a quality organization


The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is made up of over 10,000 students and advisors with over 300 chapters in the United States. With a history of support from the Public Relation Society of America (PRSA), the resources students can get from PRSSA are almost endless. That’s right, they’ve got benefits and lots of ’em. So take the time to read this post for an overview of said benefits and then head to the website to join. Joining could better your career, education and social network! So here’s that overview:

  1. “Enhance your education.” With events and competitions, PRSSA offers many ways to learn more. They have scholarships and awards, leadership opportunities and the membership gives students access to case studies to help with their own studies.
  2. “Broaden your network.” Once again those events come in handy. They let members meet one another plus, PRSSA also has social media accounts for students to follow. To get connected just search for #PRSSA on most social media platforms. Along with that, they have PRSA sponsored chapters so that students can meet PR professionals and ask them questions.
  3. “Launch your career.” Internships to help with job-hunting, experience in the field and bulking up a resume. Access to the PRSA job center and associate memberships to PRSA, which consists of 20,000 professionals. These professionals could even be a co-worker or boss one day. If that doesn’t give someone a leg up in the public relations field, who knows what will.

Want to join now, right? Thought so. Join here.

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